Connectors, Plugs & Wires for RC Cars, Helicopters & Planes

We offer many different types of connectors, plugs & wires for all of your RC Cars, Helicopters & Planes.

AOKoda Lipo to USB Power Converter QC3.0 Adapter

Low Stock | C28074


Flexible Silver Plated Wire Set 14G 60cm

In Stock | 968


Square R/C XT-60 Male Power Jack Cable (400mm)

In Stock | SQ-SGC-73


Serial Battery Cable w/ XT90 Plugs 12AWG 10cm

In Stock | C28376


1up Racing XT60 to 4mm Bullet Adapter

Low Stock | 1UP-190203


Small Euro Connector

Low Stock | 1465


12V(+/-) Alligator Clip w/ Banana Plug Set

In Stock | C22696


Square R/C XT-30 Connectors (2x Male/2x Female)

Low Stock | SQ-SGC-79


Square R/C XT-30 Connectors (4x Female)

Low Stock | SQ-SGC-79F


Square R/C XT-30 Connectors (4x Male)

Low Stock | SQ-SGC-79M


Muchmore Racing Hyper Connector 3 Sets

In Stock | MMR-MMJ-HCB